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2017-2018 Volunteer Forms and Links Coming Soon!

Volunteer participation is welcome and encouraged. Volunteer opportunities are many and varied with opportunities for those with occasional, one-time or limited time availability as well as for those who can make a regular or on-going commitment of time.

Volunteer Forms
APlus Rewards with Stop & Shop
BEST Volunteer Opportunities Form
BEST Check Reimbursement Form
CORI Form Page 1 and Page 2
Davis & Lane Room Parent Form
Davis & Lane Volunteer Contract
Davis World Languages Volunteer Form
Spanish Volunteer Forms:
Oportunidades Para Voluntarios
Voluntarios para la Biblioteca Davis

Voluntarios de la Sala de Arte Escuela Davis

Davis Art Room Volunteer Schedule
Art Room Kindergarten September 2017 Sign Up:
Art Room 1st Grade September 2017 Sign Up:
Art Room 2nd Grade September 2017 Sign Up:

Davis Library Volunteer Schedule
Davis Library September 2017 Sign Up:
Davis Library September 2017 Sign Up:

Lane Library Volunteer Schedule
Lane Library September 2017 Sign Up:

Davis Lunch and Recess Volunteer Opportunity
Assist during your choice of one hour shifts during the four lunch or recess periods to ensure that students move efficiently throughout the Cafeteria and to the rest rooms.
Lunch:  11:05 – 12:10 or 12:05 – 1:10, daily
Recess:  11:30 AM – 12:35 or 12:30 – 1:35, daily
Questions?  Email Gretchen Heid at

Davis Lunch and Recess Schedule

Davis Lunch September 2017 Sign Up Link:
Davis Recess September 017 Sign Up Link:

Lane Cafeteria Volunteer Opportunity for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade lunches
Would you like to volunteer at the Lane School, but just don’t have the
time?  How about a 20 minute volunteer spot in the lunch room?  It’s
a great opportunity to see your child in a social setting with his/her
peers during their lunch break.  It’s fun, it’s easy!  Click on the
links below to sign up!  Please email Pam O’Brien at with any

2016-17 Lane Lunch Schedule:
3rd GRADE LUNCH A, 11:30 – 11:50 AM (P. Ferguson, K. O’Brien, L. O’Brien, Weinstein)
3rd GRADE LUNCH B, 12:15 – 12:35 PM (A. Ferguson, Grimes, Nolan, Akrouche, Wichterman)
4th GRADE LUNCH, 12:45 – 1:05 (All 4th Grade Classrooms)
5TH GRADE LUNCH, 11:00 – 11:20 (All 5th Grade Classrooms)

September 2017:
3rd Grade Lunch Sign Up Link:
4th Grade Lunch Sign Up Link:
5th Grade Lunch Sign Up Link:

Please view this overview of the Lane Lunch Initiative for Grades 3-5:
Lane School Lunch Volunteer Initiative