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Bits From BEST: August 18, 2017

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Happy Summer, Everyone!


Bits From BEST- End of Year Edition

Dear Davis and Lane Families,

The school year is quickly wrapping up and we have a few last announcements from BEST!

In this email:

-Volunteer Appreciation Night Wrap-Up

-Volunteer Satisfaction Survey
-“Thanks a Billion” Results Are In
-Purchase Your School Supplies Through BEST

-Davis Gardens Relocating (Spoiler Alert- we need soil, lumber and fencing!)

-Sponsor A Class

-Good Cheer

-Community News

**Volunteer Appreciation Night**

Thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate our accomplishments in 2014-2015.  It was wonderful to also take the time to thank Peter Ricci for his years of service to BEST and wish him well.  Looking to the future, we loved seeing lots of new faces and are thrilled to welcome new Committee Chairs who signed up to join our BEST Board!  We will officially kick off the 2015-2016 school year at a Committee Chair meeting in August.  Date and time, TBD

**Volunteer Satisfaction Survey**

In preparation for next year, we want to hear from you!  Please take 5 minutes to fill out our anonymous Volunteer Satisfaction Survey found at so we can keep every facet of our organization running as smoothly as possible!

**Thanks A Billion**

Some of us may have been skeptical about Target’s Facebook “Thanks A Billion” campaign last month (not mentioning any names of Lane Vice Presidents), but it was REAL!  Audrey Gould, Meg McAllister, and Sarah Scoville deserve much credit for being believers and getting the word out.  Thanks to everyone who thanked a teacher through Facebook, our schools earned a total of $4,650 REAL dollars to spend on our classrooms!!!

*Purchase Your School Supplies Through BEST*

What is your favorite part of back to school shopping?  Price matching fat glue sticks?  Hunting down Ticonderoga pencils?  Then enjoy!  But for the rest of you, order your School Supplies through BEST and let Josh Chessman do all of the work for you!  Order here: and your child’s supplies will be delivered to the appropriate school before September 1.  Please note- If your classroom teacher requests additional CLASSROOM SPECIFIC ITEMS in his/her summer letter NOT on the general grade level supply list, THEY WILL NOT BE INCLUDED.  Sorry! 

*Davis Gardens Relocating- Can you help???*

Our Davis School population is growing by leaps and bounds- well at least by modulars and more modulars!  The new classrooms are going to be installed in the current garden’s location.  But, do not fear!  The Davis garden will be moved over the summer to a new spot.  Ten 4×10 raised beds will be built over the summer to accommodate all of the children’s green thumbs.  In order to build these, the school needs SOIL!  LUMBER!  FENCING!  Do you own a landscaping or construction business?  Are you friends with an owner of a landscaping or construction business?  Are you casual Facebook acquaintances of an owner of a landscaping or construction business?  If so (or even if not), we need your help in securing some material donations and some labor!  All donations are tax deductible!  Please email if you can help!

*Sponsor A Class*

You’ve been very generous this spring and we are VERY GRATEFUL!  Thanks to you, we reached our goal, and we will be able to provide every classroom teacher with a check of $150 for the purchasing of supplies for their classes.  Wow!  That’s a lot of smiley face stickers!

*Good Cheer*

Remember back in December when you sent in $3 for our Good Cheer campaign?  Well, you did.  And we’re using those funds to pay for our second round of “Thank you for being so awesome!” gift cards going out to support staff at Davis and Lane next Monday.  Your donations are providing a lot of love!

*Community News?*
If you have community news you would like to submit for inclusion in our Fall 2016 Bits from BEST newsletters, email
That’s it for now!

Stay cool and have a wonderful summer!

The BEST Board of Directors

Bits from BEST

Check out the pilot of our newly formatted e-newsletter, “Bits from BEST”!  Let us know what you think!

–DAVIS Eversource Orders Ready For Pick Up–

Thank you to all who supported our recent fundraiser by purchasing light bulbs and power strips through Eversource!  The DAVIS orders will be ready for parent pick up starting at 3 PM this Friday, May 29.  If you have any questions about DAVIS orders, please email Leah Walton at
Lane Eversource Orders are NOT yet ready for pick up.  Stay tuned for a date and time!  If you have any questions about LANE orders, email Anuja Rotella at

–Sponsor A Class–

Help us reach our annual goal of providing every teacher at Davis and Lane with a $150 check this spring!  This financial supplement is a HUGE help to our educators who purchase teaching tools throughout the year for their classrooms.  To say that these checks are greatly appreciated is an understatement.  Remember, all donations big or small are fully tax deductible.  Return your flyer through KidMail today!
–Volunteer Appreciation Night–
Save the Date!  BEST will be holding an evening out to thank its volunteers on Tuesday, June 16th.  More details to follow!
–School Supplies–
Once again, BEST will be offering parents the convenience of ordering their child’s grade specific school supplies this summer!  Keep an eye out for more information about this time-saving service and fund raiser.
–Looking Ahead to 2015-2016–
Would you like to become more involved in BEST next year?  Love to garden?  Want to make our schools more green?  Can’t get enough Spirit Wear?  Have ideas about how BEST can enrich our children’s education?  Love to fundraise?  We have positions open for you!  Please email and let us know how you would like to support our schools through BEST!


–Field Day–
The Physical Education teachers at both Davis and Lane are seeking volunteers to help with their upcoming Field Days.
Davis:  Thursday, June 11
Set-Up, 8:15-9:00 AM, Click Here
1st Grade, 9:15-10:30 AM, Click Here
Kindergarten, 10:35-11:50, Click Here
2nd Grade, 12:45-2:00 PM, Click Here
3rd Grade, Field Day, Thursday, June 4, 9:15-11:15 AM, Click Here
4th Grade, Field Day, Thursday, June 4, 12:15-2:15 PM, Click Here
5th Grade, Challenge Day, Friday, June 12, Click Here
–Davis School Thanks Its Volunteers–
The faculty & staff of Davis School invite you to a “thank you” coffee in appreciation for all you do!  If you have helped us in any way, please let us thank you!  Please join us in the Davis School Library, Wednesday, June 10th, 9:1510:15


–Kids’ Triathalon Team Forming to Support BEST–

Niles Liu is a 5th grader at Lane school.  He has registered for a great event happening this summer- New England Kids Triathlon. This event will occur in the morning of July 19, 2015.  It is for kids between the age of 6 to 15.  For kids older than 10 years, it includes 200 yards swimming, followed by 6 miles biking, and finished with 1 mile running.  For kids younger than 10, it includes 100 yards swimming, followed by 3 miles biking and 0.5 mile running.  The event will be held at MIT.  The event website will give you more information:

This event also provides a 7-week one-hour training sessions and a few three-hour clinics for free.  You will find detailed information of when, where, and how to register on their website. Free training and clinic registration is separate from the event registration.

For a team of at least 10 kids, the event host will donate $10 per kid to a charitable organization.  Last year Niles joined a group of kids in Lexington and raised $300 for Lexington Education Foundation. Their story was actually reported by Wickedlocal.  You can find an archive story through this link:

This year, the Liu family is hoping to form a team of their own, and benefit our own school, through our own parent organization.  So, a few friends of thiers have formed a team called Bedford Iron Children.  They are hoping more children could join them, not only for a day of fun and forming new friendships, but also for a good cause.  There are some costs involved for each kid, $40 as event registration and $10 for one day triathlon membership.

Please help them spread the word!  If anybody decides to register, please use the team name “BEDFORD IRON CHILDREN”, and please also let the Lius know, so that they can verify the final headcount with the event host.  And, since the free training/clinic session is starting soon, please act as soon as possible if anybody is interested.  Niles (11) and his sister (6) are both registered already.

Please feel free to contact Niles’ mother, Helen, at if you have any questions about the triathalon.  Her phone number is 781.413.4076.