About Us

Providing a Forum for Communication, Enrichment and Support

The mission of the BEST/PTO is to provide support, communication and enrichment to the students, families and school staff at both the Davis School (K – Grade 2) and the Lane School (Grades 3 – 5). The PTO is very active in raising funds for classroom and teacher grants, Enrichment programs and physical improvements to the schools.

Approximately 750 elementary school families, representing more than 1,000 children in Grades K – 5, are members of the PTO. Volunteers serve as Officers (President, Davis Vice President, Lane Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary), Committee Chairs (13), and Committee Coordinators (13), Representatives to other Bedford committees, agencies or boards and as Committee volunteers (more than 700).

Volunteer participation is welcome and encouraged. Volunteer opportunities are many and varied with opportunities for those with occasional, one-time or limited time availability as well as for those who can make a regular or on-going commitment of time.

BEST Officers meet at least monthly. Monthly meetings of BEST Officers and the principals of Davis and Lane are also scheduled. The Executive Board, comprised of Officers, Committee Chairs and Coordinators meet at least twice a year to discuss new programs, budget expenditures and current issues. Periodic BEST/PTO meetings provide a forum for discussion or enrichment and may include guest speakers. Committee meetings are determined by the needs of the individual committee and may vary during the year. A monthly Newsletter keeps everyone involved in our activities.

The BEST annual budget ranges from $40,000 – $50,000 and is generated by direct, tax- deductible contributions from families that are solicited during the fall each year. A major fund raiser also takes place during the fall. In recent history, this has been a wrapping paper and gift sale that provides at least 50 percent of our annual operating budget. Proceeds from family contributions and the wrapping paper/gift sale fund curriculum enhancing Enrichment programs, school improvements, family events and committee programs. Contributions are solicited from local businesses and families to fund grants to classrooms and teachers. Grant requests are also submitted to local businesses and corporations to supplement Enrichment initiatives.

BEST/PTO is a 501c3 non-profit organization.